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Teachers and faculty are the primary role models for students outside their homes. It is through these teachers that students gather knowledge, experience and wisdom before stepping into adulthood.

Society lays great importance on teachers for providing right role modeling and inspiration for students to emulate and become good citizens. Teachers are therefore expected to be firm and yet forgiving, tolerant and yet disciplinarian, tough and yet humble, strong and yet affectionate - such extreme behaviour sets are very demanding but necessary in the face of a modern student with high intelligence, well informed and many time with complex issues of the mind.

Teachers face enormous stresses due to several responsibilities in addition to academic functions. Career pressures are now very real in modern times. Collegiality and team spirit are very important skills that help one manage stress and work pressure.

NALS offers programs of duration 2 ~ 7 days for teachers and faculty from schools and colleges.
Over 1200 teachers / faculty have benefited from these programs.

Some of the key objectives handled are:
  • Collegiality and team spirit
  • Enhanced role modeling and higher vision of nation building
  • Courage, confidence, team spirit, character building, sharing, tolerance, patience, humility, improved self esteem
  • Ability to improve the weak student rather than focus on brilliant students
  • Stress relief and physical fitness

If your institution requires such programs for your teacher, faculty or non-teaching staff, please send in your enquiry to

Please click here for a brief summary of programs offered by NALS to Educational Institutions

Some of the scheduled programs

Duration : 18 Sessions
Location : Coimbatore, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 02 ~ 20

Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 01 ~ 20

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Participants reach the top of Sengottarayar Peak and look at the Silent Valley

Latest Testimonial

We have enjoyed a lot in these two days program. We were equipped...

Dr. P. Raviraj (HOD):

This is a very different and unique experience for us.

Savitha. R (Asst. Professor) GRG School of Management Studies

Dear NALS Team, Thank you for changing our life in a better way. We enjoyed the sessions and activities to the fullest. The food was very good, the team was very friendly, professional and supportive.

Ms. Megha, Assistant Professor, VVCE - Mysore

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