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What is CTEAM?

Corporate Team Building Program (CTEAM) is an adventure based outbound training (OBT) program and aims to improve production, profitability, work culture and employee retention.


The objectives of this program are to rejuvenate employee bonding, team spirit, cross functional training and stress management through very exciting and challenging outdoor program. The program is designed to be an experiential learning platform.

Who can participate?

Any corporate who wishes to provide leadership and survival skills for their employees can give this a shot. Any person who has the spirit to challenge himself and fit enough to carry himself over 3 ~ 5 kms can participate.

How does CTEAM work?

CTEAM is so designed to take human interaction to a very healthy level through exciting adventure and outdoor activity. The entire team is given challenging tasks on the rocks or outdoors that can only be accomplished through communication, cooperation and team work. During the activities, the employees demolish stiff conditional behavior patterns developed at work by extending a helping hand to each other. Participants also share rooms and equipment and therefore, team spirit and bonding is made possible.

How CTEAM can be beneficial to corporate?
  • Improve team spirit and bonding
  • Effective stress management
  • Healthy Office environment
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Healthy retention of trained work force
  • Improve profitability
What is the duration of CTEAM?

A minimum of 48 hours is necessary, while ideally 3 to 4 days are recommended. The longer the duration and higher the intensity of the program, better is the outcome of this program.

What are the activities of CTEAM?

Some of the activities of this program are: High ropes, basic rock climbing, jungle trek, group problem solving tasks, night trek etc.

Other information about CTEAM
  • Adventure activities are supervised by certified and experienced mountaineers
  • Vegetarian meals and refreshments
  • Smoking, consumption of alcohol are not allowed
  • Outdoor activities carry risks due to various hazards. Participant is requested to be alert at all times.
Customisation of program
  • All activities and program design can be customized based on objectives, group size and other requirements of the firm
  • Group size is between 15 ~ 50
About Camp Location

NALS Coonoor campus is a 120 acre bio-diversity that offers unlimited exposure to Nature, the campsite is located 26 kms SW of Coonoor, Nilgiris.

If your institution requires such programs for your staff, please send in your enquiry to

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Latest Testimonial

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs shared with us during the training. We really gained lot of learning from you, it is really an eye opener for all of us............

S Rani, HR & Admin, Schuf Speciality Valves (I) Pvt Ltd

It was a great experience for our whole team

Michael Moebius (Head of QM) Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd

Last fall my company sponsored a High Adventure Trek in the Himalayan Mountains in India for a Team Building - Leadership experience program. For many of the 30 people that attended, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the shear beauty of the landscape, the exhilarating feelings of hiking across glaciers, the bonding between individuals, the new connections made, the adventure and inspiration, the fantastic food, and the hardships/joy of the outdoor trekking adventure, it was truly amazing and memorable. A sightseeing tour with an outdoor adventure trek and lifetime memories.

Mr David Lesniak, CEO - PERSONIV (USA)

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