From over 1000s of feedback, we have chosen a few in order to capture the bulk of emotions and suggestion by our dear customers. We must humbly submit that hundreds of people have shaped NALS directly as well as indirectly through their feedback and suggestions.

We have received over 19000 customers (as of 01 Sep 2016) and many of them have given invaluable suggestions and guidance. Thousands of feedback on our programs have reinforced our beliefs and value systems. Without all these inputs and guidance NALS wouldn't be what it has become today. We take this opportunity to thank them for all their contributions, suggestions, encouragement and motivation.

   Teachers of Stanes School - ICSE Board said..

The trip to NALS in K’sirs campus was a very good experience to the students as well as for us. This programme helped the children to bring out the innate leadership qualities, which would help them develop their personality and face challenges in life with confidence. 

  • Team of highly qualified people who are motivating and very patient
  • Had a friendly atmosphere
  • Provided good and nutritious food
  • Activities inculcated good moral values in the students
  • Helped to overcome fear
  • Special thanks to the wonderful trainers 

Wishing you good luck in future.

   Asst Professor Kanimozhi - HICET, CBE said..

Thanks to the entire NALS team for best in class programme and customer service.The OBT was very useful for our MBA students. The objective of the programme was met effectively. All students enjoyed and learnt a lot of managerial and leadership skills.

   M Sankaranarayanan, Manager - HR, Ashok Leyland said..

Really one unique experience for the entire team. Each single activity taught us an Experiential Learning ! Overall an "enriched" experience for the team. Kudos to NALS and hats off to Mr Deepak for making this happen.

   Rageswari Mahanta, Admin & Award Leader IAYP- Jain University, Bengaluru said..

This journey has been amazingly transformational for the students and also for me to grow as a better human being. The journey which we started on 18 May & ended on 21 May 2019 is commendable and this would not have been possible without the support of Mr Deepak Gosavi Sir, who is amgic within himself and for the others as well. All the best for the participants and future. Looking forward to associate with NALS OUTDOORS. It is a honour. Thank you team. (NALS Integrated programs for various IAYP Awards)

   Smita Vishweshwar, Founder Principal - Sprouts Montessori said..

NALS Team headed by Seshadri Sir is executing a very wholistic learning experience for the community. This is an experience which all of us from Sprouts is going to remember forever. Each one of us have been affected in better ways - to become better individuals, be courageous, uleash our potential and one of the best programs we could have for our school children .! Keep it up sir.

   Sasikumar. R, Information Technology C.R.I. Pumps Private Limited said..

Dear Deepak,

First of all, I would like to thank our management for chosen me to attend such wonderful learning program.
In one word, Thanks to you and NALS for all the dedicated sessions conducted. If I say what all I have learned are, what the benefit I got from the sessions is and what changes me incorporated in myself are: In one word it a "Self-Discovery"...

  • Knowing me – Managing me – Building and Managing Relationship
  • Rejuvenation and confidence is built
  • Discovered all my Ideas, approaches, methods, abilities, connect, strengths, views, mistakes, opportunities, skills, weaknesses, limitations and understandings.
  • Learned to know my preference and How to apply our preferences
  • Strongly Building relationships
  • No hesitation to raise question
  • How to Manage Anger, suffering, conflicts. Not able to stop them, but learnt to handle them
  • How to accept mistakes. Not to repeat mistake which already done. Always accept Mistakes
  • Our Driving Force is identified and learnt how to strengthen the same.
  • Stop expecting- beautiful magic learnt
  • Managing mind, Managing work, Making a chance to manage all things
  • Changing Thoughts – Taking good Food, Reading Books, Doing Yoga, Meditation and regular Exercises
  • SWOT – All the sessions made me to understand and got a very good clarity on my strength, weakness, how to handle opportunities and challenging threats
  • Thought –> Action->Habit->Behaviour->Identity or Personality -> Character – a wonderful mantra everyone should understand
  • MBTI Test – Preferences (Respect our Preference and motivate / change the preference)
  • Keep our remote in our hands – Strain, Stress, Anger, Happy etc., should be in our hands
  • What is Out of box thinking then what for a box is there – wonderful understanding
  • AAA mantra –> Aware things, Accept it as such and then do the Action
  • DDI Feedback method – Before feedback there should be proper Data | there should be a Description for the feedback | There should be a proof of Impact
  • Golden Rule – Think 3 seconds before any action – Wonderful.
  • Managing threats – Handling difficult people and moulding us to manage more. Managing internal and external conflicts
  • Appreciate others even they have done a small achievement
  • Always ready to give Feedback, Give respect to others feedback – Liston to others.
  • Interactive participation in meetings with questions and suggestions
  • Managing Physical and Mental unbalancing

Once again I would like to thank everybody. 

   Raghavan KN, Auditor-Chennai said..

The service and assistance provided by the staff @ NALS was nothing short of magical. It enabled us to relax and enjoy every aspect of our trip knowing that all the worrying had been done in advance. It was Swiss-watch-precision all the way, without any herding, harassing, or hurrying. We were in good hands at every step. The daily hiking options made it easy for us to choose a hike that was consistent with our abilities. We were encouraged to maintain our own personal style of hiking… We realize that, had we been left to attempt this trip on our own, we might have been able to do 10% of what we accomplished with relaxing ease while in the care of by NALS.

   Padma Kumar Natesan, Muscat said..

 Excellent experience for me and my family. Already planned to visit NALS as a routine every year. Every activity is clearly discussed and all safety aspects are covered. An ex-naval officer providing a great leadership backed up by an able team motivates us to take adventurous tasks with ease, followed by an unforgettable sense of pride after accomplishment. Elders, youngsters and children enjoyed the activity immensely. I have personally seen the team handling everyone and even special children with genuine sensitiveness and approach to win over them and make them complete the tasks. The location, accommodation and food is excellent will entice you for a longer stay.

   Dr C Radhakrishnan, Pediatric Surgeon, Bengaluru said..

 I have been on 4 treks with NALS. My fear while doing such an activity in India is always safety

And there isn’t a better place to allay these fears than a trek with NALS. These guys are not only very friendly and willing but technically superb.The involvement of each one of the instructors is amazing. 

I have in fact not gone to many places that I want to go to simply because NALS does not do a trek there!

   Lydia Adams, Branding Manager, PERSONIV - Texas, USA said..

Sesh & team, Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. We had such an amazing experience. The mountain shows us who we are and this adventure showed me that I can do everything that I have dreamed. Thank you 1,000 times...!

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