Family Camping

Children start learning at a very early age and the primary sources are parents and immediate family members. Children look for role models to draw inspiration and will follow the role model’s footsteps.

It cannot be over emphasized that parents are the best role models for children. Role Modeling is a very important subject and parents have a major responsibility here. Every aspect our behaviour and action is being watched and can be repeated by the child. For example, how we talk, communicate, take care of ourselves, physical fitness will be role modeled by our children.

Modern career pressures and double income families spare little time for the child to observe the parents and learn. Absence of joint families causes loss of opportunity for role modeling. It is therefore important for families to take time off and spend in the outdoors, participate in joint activities that will provide opportunity for role modeling and inspiration.

Double income couples also find little quality time for themselves resulting in weak bonds, frayed nerves and diminishing love. Regular holidays in resorts and lodges may not provide quality time due to our dependency on gadgets and TV. Adventure programs eliminate all these issues and provide very intense interaction opportunities through sharing and helping each other. Couples going through difficult issues and planning for separation can give this a try and re-discover their emotional bonding, love and romance. They can thus avoid a painful and emotionally disturbing separation through divorce..!

Some of the key objectives handled for family programs are
  • Role modeling opportunities for parents
  • Wholesome adventure holiday for all
  • Improved bonding and understanding between couples
  • Family get-togethers with adventure theme
Special Family Camp for Autism

Over a period of 2 years NALS has worked with children affected by Autism. Such children have participated in Adventure programs under close supervision and care. Activities participated by these children include, trekking, high ropes, rappelling and even rock climbing. Parents of these special children also participate in these programs and hence the name Special FCAMP. One of the main feed back from these programs is that the parents of these children are able to focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities. It has also been learnt that these programs improve the child’s neuro-muscular coordination, physical fitness and overall health.

Programs for Individuals

Individuals above the ages of 15 can participate in a wide variety of programs as listed below:

Obesity control and weight loss

Unwanted weight gain is a result of modern lifestyles and stresses. The ADVENTURE BASED FITNESS PROGRAM (ABFIT) is designed to improve self esteem, confidence and health. The program will gradually introduce the participant to walking and eating habits that can be sustained for the long. Participants will also be exposed to adventure activity which will improve their confidence to a very large extent. Sustainable weight loss and improved health can be obtained through long term fitness schedules culminating in adventure trek or expedition.

Wilderness therapy for Troubled Teenagers, troubled marriages, recovering addicts & stressed individuals

A number of people experience behaviour problems due to childhood trauma, high work stress, insecurity and anxiety, exposure to domestic violence, natural calamity, broken homes and domestic neglect. It has been proven through research that such people can be successfully rejuvenated through outdoor and adventure programs.Troubled marriages can be rejuvenated through wilderness therapy. Recovering addicts require isolation as well as exciting activity and NALS campus provides an ideal setting for such people. Program duration ranges from 4 days to 6 months. Such programs are generally referred by counsellors and therapists

Treks and expeditions

Form a group or join an existing group to explore altitude trekking, ice climbing and expeditions to peaks. NALS offers wide variety of programs from low to high intensities and altitudes from 5000 to 21000 feet. Locations include to pristine valleys of the Himachal Pradesh to majestically dry mountains of Ladakh. See also "Treks & Expeditions"

Rock climbing

For adventure enthusiasts, rock climbing is a major interest and NALS offers bouldering and advanced climbing programs in Coonoor and Manali. The participant will learn basic knots and anchors, climbing safety and belaying, climbing techniques and physical fitness requirements

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Some of the scheduled programs

Duration : 05 Days / 04 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 14 ~ 65 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 04 ~ 12

Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights
Location : Manali, HP
Age Group : 12 ~ 65 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 08 ~ 40

Duration : 09 Days / 08 Nights
Location : Manali, HP
Age Group : 12 ~ 65 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 08 ~ 45

Duration : 18 Sessions
Location : Coimbatore, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 02 ~ 20

Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 01 ~ 20

Duration : 18 Sessions
Location : Coimbatore, TN
Age Group : 11 ~ 65 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 02 ~ 12

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Latest Testimonial

We had a great time in Manali. We enjoyed the scenic beauty, the river, the hills and also the company of your team.....

Mrs Kala Srinivasan, Australia

The program rejuvenated the spirits of the individuals and spellbound everyone.......

Rajasekar. T (S.D.H. Jain Vidyalaya School, Madurai)

First of all I would like to tell you that the experience I had there was just out of the world,I mean words won't be able to justify what ever is in my mind. From location to people, everything was just amazing. I have heard so many people saying that what they want in their life is peace but they never get such type of opportunity.

Parambir Kaur, Amritsar, Punjab

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