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Students of today are leaders of tomorrow. The future leaders are expected to carry a large burden of solving myriad issues some of which cannot be foreseen today.

Problem solving requires not only intellectual skills but toughness, perseverance, team building, communication skills and many more. Lack of such skills will lead to slow breakdown of human mind and body. This is evident from the sudden rise in health issues amongst young people. Rise in Diabetes, BP and heart diseases amongst young people has become very common. India will soon become the Diabetes capital of the world.

Regular exposure to tough situations in an exciting environment can improve resilience and many of these skills. Further, the continuous physical activity in pristine environment will improve metabolism and health. NALS Adventure programs for students have been designed with several objectives that will build the leadership skills, survival skills, strength and character of students.

NALS offers Outbound Training Programs (OBT) of duration 2 ~ 10 days for students from:
  • Schools – ages 8 and above
  • Colleges – ages 17 and above
  • PG institutions – MBA, MCA programs
  • Programs for Duke's Award or India Awards for Young People (IAYP)
    • NALS is an authorised vendor for IAYP programs in India
    • We offer activities for students to obtain Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards
    • NALS can guide schools to take up this award for their students.
  • Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) elements for International Baccalaureate (IB) program
    • NALS offers skill development and service projects for students of IB program
    • Students can learn a practical skill such as Rock Climbing or Rappelling and thus overcome their fears as well
    • Students can also participate in voluntary projects identified by NALS, in and around our campus at Nilgiris. For eg. Painting of government school or Village office
Some of the key objectives handled are:
  • Courage, confidence, team spirit, character building, sharing, tolerance, patience, humility, improved self esteem
  • Grant of silver, gold under Duke of Edinburgh award
  • Interpersonal, communication, problem solving, body language, group dynamics
  • Skill development - rock climbing, high ropes, outdoor survival courses

If your institution requires such programs for your students, please send in your enquiry to

Please click here for a brief summary of programs offered by NALS to Educational Institutions

Some of the scheduled programs

Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 17 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 20 ~ 40

Duration : 04 Days / 03 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 17 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 20 ~ 40

Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 05 ~ 30

Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights
Location : Manali, HP
Age Group : 12 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 20 ~ 40

Duration : 03 Days / 02 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 60 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 04 ~ 70

Duration : 14 Days / 13 Nights
Location : Coonoor, TN
Age Group : 08 ~ 55 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 01 ~ 20

Duration : 06 Sessions
Location : Coimbatore, TN
Age Group : 12 ~ 65 Years
Intensity :
Batch Size : 02 ~ 10

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We the teachers of MPV, Mysore were highly impressed by the trainers'patience level to handle these students; having wonderful time at NALS.

Teachers of Mansarowar Pushkarini Vidhyashram, Mysore

I had a lot of fun. It was thrilling and we learned a lot.

Rushub Jain. A, The Indian Public School, Coimbatore

A Wonderful experience. Arrangements were very comfortable and safe.

Radhai Shanmugam, TIPS, Erode

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