From over 1000s of feedback, we have chosen a few in order to capture the bulk of emotions and suggestion by our dear customers. We must humbly submit that hundreds of people have shaped NALS directly as well as indirectly through their feedback and suggestions.

We have received over 19000 customers (as of 01 Sep 2016) and many of them have given invaluable suggestions and guidance. Thousands of feedback on our programs have reinforced our beliefs and value systems. Without all these inputs and guidance NALS wouldn't be what it has become today. We take this opportunity to thank them for all their contributions, suggestions, encouragement and motivation.

   Sridhar S, HR - ZF Wind Power said..

I am writing this email to place on record our sincere appreciation and thanks to you and all your team members who facilitated the session and activities on the 1st of Feb 2020 at NALS Campus. All of thoroughly enjoyed the experience at NALS and the activities that were carried out helped us to interact very closely, understand each other besides enabling us to explore our potential. You had anchored the entire event in a very professional manner and had shared your views with us in a very open and transparent manner. I am sure that this session will have a positive impact in our day to day work and improve the bonding amongst the team members.

We will be happy to be associated with you in the future on other developmental programmes and will look into the possibility of extending this to the next level in the organization. We will be pleased to have you at our facility and explain in detail our organization structure, operations and expectations.

Thank you once again for spearheading a very enriching and creative session on the 1st of Feb. 

   M Sankaranarayanan, Manager - HR, Ashok Leyland said..

Really one unique experience for the entire team. Each single activity taught us an Experiential Learning ! Overall an "enriched" experience for the team. Kudos to NALS and hats off to Mr Deepak for making this happen.

   Sasikumar. R, Information Technology C.R.I. Pumps Private Limited said..

Dear Deepak,

First of all, I would like to thank our management for chosen me to attend such wonderful learning program.
In one word, Thanks to you and NALS for all the dedicated sessions conducted. If I say what all I have learned are, what the benefit I got from the sessions is and what changes me incorporated in myself are: In one word it a "Self-Discovery"...

  • Knowing me – Managing me – Building and Managing Relationship
  • Rejuvenation and confidence is built
  • Discovered all my Ideas, approaches, methods, abilities, connect, strengths, views, mistakes, opportunities, skills, weaknesses, limitations and understandings.
  • Learned to know my preference and How to apply our preferences
  • Strongly Building relationships
  • No hesitation to raise question
  • How to Manage Anger, suffering, conflicts. Not able to stop them, but learnt to handle them
  • How to accept mistakes. Not to repeat mistake which already done. Always accept Mistakes
  • Our Driving Force is identified and learnt how to strengthen the same.
  • Stop expecting- beautiful magic learnt
  • Managing mind, Managing work, Making a chance to manage all things
  • Changing Thoughts – Taking good Food, Reading Books, Doing Yoga, Meditation and regular Exercises
  • SWOT – All the sessions made me to understand and got a very good clarity on my strength, weakness, how to handle opportunities and challenging threats
  • Thought –> Action->Habit->Behaviour->Identity or Personality -> Character – a wonderful mantra everyone should understand
  • MBTI Test – Preferences (Respect our Preference and motivate / change the preference)
  • Keep our remote in our hands – Strain, Stress, Anger, Happy etc., should be in our hands
  • What is Out of box thinking then what for a box is there – wonderful understanding
  • AAA mantra –> Aware things, Accept it as such and then do the Action
  • DDI Feedback method – Before feedback there should be proper Data | there should be a Description for the feedback | There should be a proof of Impact
  • Golden Rule – Think 3 seconds before any action – Wonderful.
  • Managing threats – Handling difficult people and moulding us to manage more. Managing internal and external conflicts
  • Appreciate others even they have done a small achievement
  • Always ready to give Feedback, Give respect to others feedback – Liston to others.
  • Interactive participation in meetings with questions and suggestions
  • Managing Physical and Mental unbalancing

Once again I would like to thank everybody. 

   Lydia Adams, Branding Manager, PERSONIV - Texas, USA said..

Sesh & team, Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. We had such an amazing experience. The mountain shows us who we are and this adventure showed me that I can do everything that I have dreamed. Thank you 1,000 times...!

   Fredricks John, Exec VP & Site Head - PERSONIV, Coimbatore said..

Excellently organized & exceptionally executed program...! We are glad to go with NALS yet again...! The personnel were extremely professional in their service. Our teams’ interest came first all the time, notwithstanding security and each and every person’s safety. Kudos to Shesh, Dhinu, our guides and the entire NALS team. Well Done !

   Mr Nayabushan, COO - ivalue Infosolution said..

We had spent one day and participated in few outdoor activities. The cooperation from the team was fabulous. Team is doing an excellent job and we are very happy to be part of one day journey. We had a memorable time together as a family and kid enjoyed with a new batch of friends. I am looking forward to many more expeditions with NALS. 

   Mr David Lesniak, CEO - PERSONIV (USA) said..

To: Harvard Alumni Travel Program Administrator:

As a Harvard alum I greatly appreciate our Alumni Travels program. If I might suggest adding a High Adventure opportunity to our program...

Last fall my company sponsored a High Adventure Trek in the Himalayan Mountains in India for a Team Building - Leadership experience program. For many of the 30 people that attended, this was a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. From the shear beauty of the landscape, the exhilarating feelings of hiking across glaciers, the bonding between individuals, the new connections made, the adventure and inspiration, the fantastic food, and the hardships/joy of the outdoor trekking adventure, it was truly amazing and memorable. A sightseeing tour with an outdoor adventure trek and lifetime memories.

This was made possible through the professional and masterful oversight of our outfitter, the National Adventure Leadership School (NALS) of India. They provided the entire itinerary, all of the technical gear, porters for the heavy equipment, all of the “scrumptious" meals, and unrelenting motivation and inspiration for all. The leader of their group is former India Military and understands how to manage, lead, motivate, inspire and entertain a group. In fact, we had such a memorable experience that we have already booked again for this August 2017 for a trek in Kashmir.

As a US based company that owns a subsidiary company in India, we are fortunate to have access to such a fine tour operator and experience in India.

I would like to share this experience and provide the same opportunity to the entire Harvard Alumni Community. I do this without hesitation and without any financial incentive whatsoever. Rather, I sincerely believe that:

a) a high adventure program should be a part of our Harvard Alumni Travels;
b) that including a Trek with NALS would be well appreciated by our alumni, customized to their needs, and;
c) a NALS adventure would be extremely well executed resulting in a positive experience for all.

Please take this into consideration for your 2017 planning and beyond.

With my highest recommendation, you may reach the tour operator NALS at:

> Seshadri Venkatesan
> Lieutenant (ex-Indian Navy)
> Director Operations

> E: seshadri@nals.in
> L : +91 - 422 - 2542800 / 2543800
> W : www.nals.in

I would be happy to provide any further information or discuss this in any way, my contact info below:

David Lesniak - HBS ‘96

CEO - Personiv | People Powered Outsourcing
Austin | Coimbatore | Manila | Sydney

   Rajesh, N - Executive Holiday Activity, Sterling Holidays said..

Its been an excellent and well appreciated effort from NALS, who had made an outstanding performance / commitment in engaging M/s. Informatica group in rope activities even though it was continuously raining.

Keep up the great work...

   Marilyn Jacob, Cognizant Technology Soultions said..

 Our team indeed had a great experience during our visit to NALS Coonoor. The “High rope” activity was the show stealer and it was a transformational experience for each and every one of us as we connected back with nature and went through all the exciting outbound activities. Many thanks to the trainers who kept us thrilled and engaged throughout the day and at the same time ensured our safety. We would also like to thank the entire support staff who took care of our food and other requirements. Overall, it helped us take a nice break from our regular routine to recharge ourselves.

   Vivek Bhide I Managing Director, GVR-India said..

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those involved in planning and executing a very successful event at NALS facility, with the support of Mr. Seshadri of NALS. We maintained a strong focus on SAFETY throughout the program, the team building activities were well planned, celebrations and cultural events appropriately conducted to maintain a strong balance.

Mr. Seshadri - hats off to you and your team for making our stay a memorable one! We all have been inspired by your thought provoking insights and being able to connect with nature through Night Trek, Morning Walk, High Rope Exercises were excellent.

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