From over 1000s of feedback, we have chosen a few in order to capture the bulk of emotions and suggestion by our dear customers. We must humbly submit that hundreds of people have shaped NALS directly as well as indirectly through their feedback and suggestions.

We have received over 19000 customers (as of 01 Sep 2016) and many of them have given invaluable suggestions and guidance. Thousands of feedback on our programs have reinforced our beliefs and value systems. Without all these inputs and guidance NALS wouldn't be what it has become today. We take this opportunity to thank them for all their contributions, suggestions, encouragement and motivation.

   Padma Kumar Natesan, Muscat said..

 Excellent experience for me and my family. Already planned to visit NALS as a routine every year. Every activity is clearly discussed and all safety aspects are covered. An ex-naval officer providing a great leadership backed up by an able team motivates us to take adventurous tasks with ease, followed by an unforgettable sense of pride after accomplishment. Elders, youngsters and children enjoyed the activity immensely. I have personally seen the team handling everyone and even special children with genuine sensitiveness and approach to win over them and make them complete the tasks. The location, accommodation and food is excellent will entice you for a longer stay.

   Parambir Kaur, Amritsar, Punjab said..

First of all I would like to tell you that the experience I had there was just out of the world,I mean words won’t be able to justify what ever is in my mind. From location to people, everything was just amazing. I have heard so many people saying that what they want in their life is peace but they never get such type of opportunity. I am extremely happy that I am lucky one who got this kind of opportunity to stay in such a peaceful place for around 3 months. So let’s have a look on my motives of joining NALS as an intern :


I want to work in this industry i.e. adventure sports tourism, so before stepping in ,I just wanted to have an overview, like how such kind of organisations work and kind of activities conducted there and most importantly I just wanted to see whether I can fit in such environment or not and to my surprise somehow I managed to do so.


Though I have done some courses in the field of Mountaineering, but still this was the first time when I was away from home for more than a month.I was supposed to stay therefore 3 months continuously,but due to some personal reasons I went back to my place and came back to Coonoor campus in around 2 weeks. Things were different there,like food was not of our choice, local people were there who didn’t knew our language and vice versa and few times it was difficult to communicate with them,but still I managed to survive. The only thing I thought was that all the time conditions can’t be favourable to us 🙂.


Well before going to NALS, this purpose was not in my mind,but while staying there,I learnt this thing also.

Before going there I never thought that I will have to come back to home for some days,but it happened.
So when I was at home,few times I thought not to go back to Coonoor Campus, because at that time I wanted to stay with my family and campus seemed to be very far,but at that time I thought about the commitment I made to you. So that situation helped me learning about the fulfillment of the words said by us.


Sometimes it happens with us in our life that we know how to do certain things,but due to lack of practice or experience,we get nervous.Same was the case with me,so I wanted to do this internship and I must say that it has proved to be very beneficial.I am way more confident now.


While doing various mountaineering courses like BMC,AMC ,I always felt that the instructors just concentrate on the completion of their respective sessions and it not their fault,it happened due to shortage of time. So I wanted to go for this internship,so that I can improve myself on the technical aspects as well. I got this opportunity here at NALS,where I tried to gain so much from my respective mentors.


Before going to NALS campus,I just had one thing in mind and that was to gain experience, but I had some very special memories,which made my experience an extraordinary one.I want to share with you my most favourite and amazing moment and that was when I worked with the autistic children.That group was truely special for me.

Once again, I want to thank you for giving me such an opportunity. It’s like more than a month now, but I am not out of that zone yet. I still miss all those friends, yummy south Indian food etc. Those 3 months are Life long cherishable memories for me.

Thanks and regards,

   Srinivasan V, Perth said..

As I rewind and recollect every aspect of the NALS Guided "Dev Bhoomi Himalayas trip" in this April , I am awestruck by the sheer enormity of this accomplishment. It was not a simple sight seeing trip or trekking expedition, but a more overdose of relaxed - self imposed Quality Leisure. Thank God.

NALS staff Mr. Dinu had professionally briefed us on the first day itself and he had a clear plan - which was completely flexible, as we acclimatized and fit in. Though he summed up the 10 days in a concluding single A4 recollection, it was much wider and in-depth achievement every day of the 10 days’ span. As we didn’t plan each day to its finer details, many pleasant moments unfolded on its own. But looking back, I respect and reflect with Gratitude the meticulous thoughts & Planning that went behind the suggestions for us by NALS. The professionalism seen in our guided Trekking, proved valuable once we know clearly how hostile the terrain is to possess, such a stunning Beauty. !

Any amount of Thank you, to NALS will not be sufficient, as we contemplate on this Trip. That, NALS thought of enabling such a facility with such a Noble intention for the use of the Public in self-Improvement pursuits, is a Laudable initiative. Such, enriching visionary Thoughts are rare in our commercialized materialistic rat race of Life. This opportunity to Live in our Pure Nature, as provided by NALS is so essential for good Human Development ( it is prudent and economical as well, and this is a well rewarding Investment, if you consider a Life of 50+ of the school going children around us. ) that this has to be made compulsory part of Academic Learning at all schools. I will do my best to briefly introduce and inform and enable some of my close Relatives & friends, who will eagerly consider this Himalayan Visit and Trekking generally, in their lives soon.

Thank you for enabling this and our fond regards to everyone in your family.

Take care and God Bless,
Srinivasan. V

   Mrs Kala Srinivasan, Australia said..

We had a great time in Manali. We enjoyed the scenic beauty, the river, the hills and also the company of your team. The accommodation and food was very very good. We had a very relaxing time. The Beas river is the heart of Manali and it was so pleasant to see it flowing with so much of speed and noise. We should bring our kids here once the new roads are constructed (I was really scared of the Volvo bus travelling on a single lane at 60km/hour speed at the edge of the roads on the cliffs)

We are back at work, but the photos are there to remind us the wonderful time we had.

Thank you very much for organising everything so well.

   Dinesh / Priya, Delhi said..

Good Morning Seshadri, the stay at Kalath was superb and the NALS team did a great job...organising the activities, and the food was very good.It was really a good experience especially our kids at this age to enjoy it.The experience of hiking up from the base camp and pitching and staying in smaller tents was fantastic with staying closer to mother nature.....memories are really fresh and will soon want to do the next level of camping...thanks again..was really nice to know about ur adventure therapy. good luck and good day

   Narendran, Perth said..

Now that it has been a week since we returned from India, and all the jetlag has worn off, my sister and myself sat down to contemplate and reflect upon the incredible experience that we underwent in our visit to NALS. During this contemplation, we were able to truly acknowledge the immense help you offered us through the NALS program. By giving us the opportunity to climb, trek, and enjoy the surroundings you gave us a unique exposure to the beauty of Kunur. However, what I personally found more valuable is the advice you gave on multiple topics such as fear, fate and bad habits. Whenever you can, please send me your further Trekking Plans and Programs under NALS Banner, so that I can share with my friends and kindle their interest in adventure. Me and Rupa would like to sincerely thank you for this amazing opportunity to explore such an amazing place, and the invaluable knowledge that you were kind enough to share with.We also greatly enjoyed meeting your family in Coimbatore, where we were able to spend some quality time talking to them. We will most definitely be coming back to NALS as a family, but I intend to go and complete climbing courses that will enable me to be an instructor at your facility. Please extend our gratitude to your trainers who helped us immensely, and we hope to meet you soon.

   Prabhu, Phd Scholar, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore said..

We are so happy being with you past 3 days. We don’t like to leave from there. We have entered NALS campus with great expectations and you have filled up all those expectations and you have given great wisdom of life. Already I had different kind of training and camp from different skilled persons. But you are quite different in approaching the trainees.

Before attending your training I have ego which you said as MADA. Your speech totally destroyed that. I have transformed.

We can’t sit any class as human beings we can have brain attention maximum 20mins. But you have broken the rule. Because everyone had attention in your class more than 2 hours. I hope every teacher should learn this from you.

Your way of communication is very much interested I am honestly saying that I have been thinking that English communication always make uncomfortable who belong to Tamil region, but you have given such a wonderful comfort in language also.

I didn’t see in my life such a people carrying the trainees as their children’s, but you have been with us 24×7 in this 3 days program.

You and your trainers care should be appreciated.

Finally you have given that

Health, status of relationship, do what you love (you love what you do), financial freedom, really very much hold thoughts.

Financial planning as well as investment planning has given new thoughts on future saving. Often you have mentioned about your parents and your responsibilities in your family that should make everyone think how should be with family.

Finally I like to thank you behalf of our team, your service should be receive every person’s especially who are struggling psychology.

Salute your service to the nation….

   Kothari & Family said..

We really had a great time having new experience with nature & adventure. The activities were highly exciting & interesting. It helped us to get away from fear & build our confidence. Excellent ambiance & fooding & hospitality

   B. Kalpana Sai, Ph.D Scholar & Home Maker said..

A million kudos to the NALS family right from director Lt. Seshadri to all the trainers. We all did something for the first time in our lives because of you (NALS). It was awesome, safe and memorable experience. We hope to be back with you again next year.

   Desikan. P.S Manager (CNS), Airport Authority of India, Coimbatore Airports said..

For me friend is not a normal word, it is a very important concept of life.

So I address you as my friends. This 4 days camp opened up new horizons & new hopes for us. It cleansed our inner system, thinking pattern, how to look at things. It increased the family bondage & with our fellow beings. After a very long time, I am witnessing a group of people with dedication & commitment beyond commercial considerations.
My only wish is that this grows like a banyan tree & remains in the same sprit & culture for many decades. From me & my family we thank from our heart.

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