From over 1000s of feedback, we have chosen a few in order to capture the bulk of emotions and suggestion by our dear customers. We must humbly submit that hundreds of people have shaped NALS directly as well as indirectly through their feedback and suggestions.

We have received over 19000 customers (as of 01 Sep 2016) and many of them have given invaluable suggestions and guidance. Thousands of feedback on our programs have reinforced our beliefs and value systems. Without all these inputs and guidance NALS wouldn't be what it has become today. We take this opportunity to thank them for all their contributions, suggestions, encouragement and motivation.

   Hemalatha Swaminathan, Chennai said..

I would like to mention that my son went on a journey which would never have been possible without the support and consideration of the NALS team. Apart from the adventure training, the sensitivity of the staff towards the children and the discipline to ensure children challenged their limits, is definitely a trait that parents can learn from the NALS team.

I am thrilled that my son enjoyed and learnt so much during this week long camp. This will be a memory he will cherish and keep coming back for more.  

   Dr Kirupa Priyadarshini, Center Head HR, Kumaraguru College of Technology, CBE said..

Being at NALS was an amazing experience for the Management Students of KCT Business School. The Leadership potential and the ability to execute things effectively was clearly brought out through the team activities and events. Kudos to NALS team and Mr Deepak. 

   Asst Prof KS Ashok, RVS Institute of Management Sciences said..

To start with "Speechless" - the students have changed a lot and are very happy. This motivational program is genuine and we want to extend the program. Food - Oh my God - the benchmark is set higher and even higher. Very very happy. 

   Ms Catherine Rebecca, Head Mistress, Velammal International School - Chennai, said..

Really wonderful in taking up the Leadership Camp. I sincerely owe my gratitude to the core team who had taught the skills of a real leader. They motivated the children, conducted brainstorming sessions, provided value based learning, sharpening the senses and motivated them to be a better personality. We are happy about the food served and safety provided by NALS. We will be visiting every year for the overall development of the children.Wishing you NALS all the best for your future endeavours.

   Rtn.Ravi Paarthasarathy, RYLA chairman, Rotary Club of Madurai West said..

I am writing to express my gratitude to you for sharing your time, talent and expertise at our NEW YEAR RYLA 2016-17 held at Mahatma Residential School, Alagarkoil, Madurai, for the College students. Your sessions on - Cross over- Group Dynamics- Planning, Time Management, Goal setting- Leadership Opportunity were welcome addition to the RYLA. We loved the way and your play way method and experiential Learning methodology that made a huge difference in the minds of our RYLARIANS. Your ideas; input values in the games and enthusiasm that you created were most helpful and would assist the RYLARIANS in making valuable improvements in their lives. I would acknowledge your sessions were a big success in our RYLA.

   Principal, Vivekam Sr Sec School said..

The adventurous trip to Coonoor which was arranged by our School with the support of NALS was really a time of learning for the students. It was an amazing journey which exceeded our students’ expectations in every respect.Students were enchanted by nature’s beauty.This adventurous trip made children a better athlete,a better friend, a good leader, self reliant and tougher physically and mentally. They enjoyed a lot and its sweet memories will remain in them for ever. Thanks to the NALS team for making this trip so special. We thank you for your exceptional service and professionalism. Expecting the same co-ordination for the next trip.

   Carsten Uhlig, Munich, Germany said..

I am German and joined the NALS Summer Camp, because my brother is doing an exchange program in Coimbatore and wanted me to be with him. I thought: nice idea, a fun camp, doing some climbing, some walking, being in Nature and a cooler climate. But, when I finally arrived, I realised that this camp consists more than that. You also develop your own strengths, gain confidence and become more aware of yourself. Through high level teaching which includes fun games / challenges the kids learn a lot about themselves and their environment. Of course, the camp consists of basic climbing, walking, seeing nature and more. The food that you get is amazing, even for me, as a German college student.

All in all, kids learn to see their own strengths and learn to through activities. They explore and develop their own confidence in such a way that they will also increase thier physical health through adventure. And the teachers are amazing.

For me, as a German, this is a very surprising fact that such a modern approach in a huge country with more than a billion people, who mostly are traditional, can succeed.

Definitely a recommendation for every parent and their kids.

   Sunder WIlliams said..

Greetings! I express my gratitude for taking care of my son Serwin.S.Williams in April 17 to 23 rd camp at Coonoor. We the family members feel a sense of fulfillment by looking the changes with him. The Success of the camp really depends on the implementation of the things learned, in real life and of course we could sense a sort of habitual changes within him a lot. We all feel proud of you and your NALS team for planting the ’Seed of Change’ in our beloved’s mind

   Gauthami, Aklavya International School, Puducherry said..

 Actually I wanna say that I have done this kind of adventure trip before, I have really enjoyed previously also, like how u have made safety measures, tasty food, patiently instructing the activity to do with courage, these kind of things,i have seen in previous trip also but wat makes the difference between ur team and others are love, care, responsibility towards the society. Ur team doesn’t think to entertain only the ppl but they have gone one step forward to make our people to transform in life, learn something which is purposeful to life which is amazing that I was wonder that ur team can do this with this kind of adventure activity also. I found love and care on each and everything u did like ur cooking team doesn’t do only tasty food they cook food with care. We realised that that’s y it’s very memorable to everybody and we are emotional, and missing u ppl too. Everybody enjoyed, parents are also happy to send their children to NALS and learned something in our life. Thank u all so much to make us realise and transforming the life. I, once again thank everybody. Pls keep continuing, keep rocking... 

   Santhya, Correspondent, Yellow Train School, Coimbatore said..

I am writing to share with you our beautiful experience at the NALS Camp at Manjacombai.

Firstly the place was breathtaking. Such a pristine and scenic place with such fresh air that it filled our eyes and lungs. It was special to spend 3 days amidst that lush green, view of the mountains and the occasional gaur that children were excited about and not to forget that kitten that children indulged with all day long - he was even sleeping on the bunker bed with a couple of children.

Secondly the food - It was really such tasty food. What touched me was the fact that literally every meal had something we could indulge on like payasam, a special fruit. While the philosophy was about going back to basics great care was taken to give us healthy and tasty food.

Now coming to the core of the program. What an exhilarating experience it was - The high rope course, the free fall, the zip line, the Night walk. Children really learnt a great deal.

We closed the program with a circle of sharing - what they liked, what was a struggle and what are they thankful for. The amount of gratitude children had for the NALS team is something we have left back in the middle of your hall - when you both visit the camp you can dip into it.

Special special thanks to NALS team for their attention to every small detail, checking with us frequently, asking us for feedback and loving the kids...!

We will be back and I want to thank you on behalf of my whole team. I wish many many more children will make use of this program to build something for themselves and their future.

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Daimler Benz Group at NALS Manjacombai

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Myself Jafer Ali, want (to) extend my hearty thanks to all the members of NALS for training us in a(n) excellent way.....

Jafer Ali Sri Krishna Institute of Management

I was a little nervous the first day. I felt like going to my house on the 3rd day. I liked the stream crossing...

Varun. R

Wonderful warmth in a cold climate. The immediacy with which the team NALS took us into their fold. They are amazing dedicated and wondrous people with a killer smile who can motivate the laziest one to attempt and complete a task successfully. Our school is privileged to be part of the activity and is looking forward to more interaction. Thanks for making our learning a fun filled activity.

Rajkishore Padnaik. R.K , The Blue Mountains School, Ooty.

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