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Photo Gallery

We have chosen to publish a few photographs from a voluminous database of over 100,000 pictures.

Participants relaxing on Sengotarayar Peak, 5400 feet, Nilgiris
Participants Crossing the Beas River
Trekking with NALS
Renewing family bonds
Cave Crawling
Rock climbing at Coonoor
NALS campsite, Himachal Pradesh
Group celebrates after successful trek in 2009
Burma Bridge

Photos Gallery

Child preparing for zip line

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Dr. Vish, President

Very inspiring, enthusiastic games with fun. We didnt realize how we...

Nivedha & Kamlesh, Monarch International School, CBE

It was amazing. We saw the team spirit. We feel the leadership quality within us. Very good, keep it up.

Kavitha. S (S.D.H. Jain Vidyalaya School, Madurai)

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